Tougher than Tough Ariat Work Boots!

Ariat Work Boots at work site

There is an old saying that, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” That is what Ariat work boots are all about – they have been made tougher than tough so that they can take the crunching pressure of some of the toughest work environments. The great thing about the brand is that they have created work boots that are as fashionable as they are tough.

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Ariat boots have been specially created for both men and women and ensure that the wearer feels comfortable even during long standing work hours and in all types of weather and terrains. Their specialization though is on creating riding boots and apparel for equestrians. It is an American manufacturer founded in 1990 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker.

The main aim of Ariat was to create engineered western or cowboy style boots that can be worn to work or used for riding as well as casual wear. The footwear engineers of the company after research and development designed according to specific riding boot requirements and the first production boots were shipped in 1993. One of the salient aspects of Ariat boots is the advantage offered by the rubber pads and heels of these boots.

The Top Ariat Work Boots to Choose from!

Ariat as a brand has produced several different types of work boots for both men and women in the last 25 years. Some of the top Ariat work boots that you can choose from include:


Macey is one of the best Ariat work boots available out there for women. It has been created for women working in a ranch, in a warehouse or at the construction site. The salient highlight of this boot is the thick and durable non-marking duratread outsole with a state of the art multi-directional traction system. This helps the boot to provide a secure grip on just about any type of surface. The boot has been created using the innovative in-house Four Layer Rebound (4LR™) technology that acts as a shock absorber and helps in providing cushion while stabilizing the foot so that you can feel comfortable even during a tiring all-day work period. The 4LR technology is at the heart of creation of each Macey boots and offers the following:

  • The four-layer foot bed of each Macey boot delivers superior comfort
  • The lightweight shank of the boot helps in stabilizing performance and movement while adding extra support


Sierra is one really tough pair of work boot that can take on any challenge headed its way. Yes! This is one of the top mountain tough Ariat work boots created specifically for men. If you are someone who loves adventure and rocky terrains then this boot will provide you the grip and comfort you desire. So what is it that makes it so special? The Sierra range of work boots gets really high scores on durability and is considered one of the most durable pair of boots available in the market today. The durability comes from Ariat’s high-end ATS stability system. Ariat’s exclusive Advanced Torque Stability (ATS®) Technology is a type of innovative mid-level technology that provides cushioning and support to the foot when you are on the move. Some of the salient highlights of the Sierra work boot enabled with ATS technology include:

  • It helps in promoting good posture
  • It helps in reducing feet fatigue and thus enables long period of work
  • The technology incorporated in the moisture-wicking foot bed helps in ensuring dry and cool comfort to the wearer
  • The technology incorporated in the gel-cushioned foot bed consists of a heel stabilizer, which is able to deliver stability, rebound, and extra support
  • The use of innovative technology has made the work boot lightweight while the ergonomic composite forked shank helps in enhancing overall stability

The Sierra can also be worn by men working in environments where oil slip can happen. The innovative technology used by these Ariat work boots includes oil and slip-resistance sole, which provides resistance from abrasion and extreme heat (it has been tested to 400°C/750°F). The work boot has been made using premium full-grain leather upper and Goodyear Welt construction to deliver heavy duty performance.

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Heritage Lacer II

The Heritage Lacer II is a traditional hard working boot for women that have been created to make a strong and bold statement. This work boot comes with a double kiltie that helps in providing protection and at the same time brings in a pinch of traditional dash. It is one of the top selling Ariat work boots for women that has full-grain leather uppers with Ariat® scroll hardware. It is embedded with their innovative ATS™ midsole system and consists of a Duratread™ rubber outsole. Duratread™ technology incorporated in the rubber sole helps in ensuring the boots offer lasting performance, high level of protection, and extreme flexibility. Exclusive Duratread™ rubber compound offers the following:

  • It makes these work boots highly resistant to oil slips and barnyard acid
  • The exclusive rubber compound ensures high durability and can outlast traditional rubber when it comes to wear and tear

Hermosa XR 8″

The Hermosa XR 8″ is one of the flagship Ariat work boots for men and is known to have the most advanced technology enabled support system in the market. The technology used by Ariat for the Hermosa range of boots is known as the Cobalt™ XR technology. Cobalt™ XR is an Extended Range Sequential Technology that utilizes several different components for providing stability, dynamic cushioning, and flexibility. The use of this technology not only helps in reducing stress but also helps in increasing the overall efficiency and performance of the boot. Some of the salient highlight of the Hermosa XR 8″ include:

  • It contains a low-friction foot bed, which helps in regulating the temperature and enables wicking off moisture so that your feet remains dry and cool
  • These Ariat work boots consist of a propulsion grid in the heel, which helps in delivering rebound and energy return
  • The boot offers superior shock absorption thanks to the orthotic arch and heel support and gel-cushioned foot bed
  • It has been integrated with an innovative forefoot stability plate and this ensures extended stability and support
  • A precision moulded composite forked shank in the boot helps in providing proper balance
  • The ergonomic outsole of the boot have been anatomically designed and are able to resist wear and tear

The Hermosa is considered one of the best boots in the market that can be worn by people suffering from ankle and foot problems.

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