Time to get a pair of Comfortable Work Boots!

Comfortable Work Boots

Why would anyone need comfortable work boots? How would you feel if your work involved you to stand at the same place for hours in the harsh sunny weather or the bitter cold? Well! For one, you can stock up with multiple layers of warm clothes but what about your feet? The cold weather can chill your feet making it uncomfortable and painful to even move your fingers. If you happen to work in hot and humid weather and if you are not wearing proper work boots then your feet is going to sweat so much that it will feel like a slush of some kind in there.

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What really can happen if you end up wearing improper and uncomfortable footwear to a workplace that requires you to stand for hours is severe feet problems! Some of them include:

  • Swelling of your legs
  • Strained muscles of the feet
  • Sore legs, feet, and back
  • Muscle and feet fatigue
  • Visible varicose veins
  • Stiffness in the shoulder and neck caused by feet cramp
  • Some of the extreme cases also leads to flat foot syndrome

Sounds nasty, doesn’t it? Here’s the bad part – these problems can intensify with time leading to severe health issues and you might even have to take a few days or weeks off from work. The problems are known to intensify in the case of workers who spend a lot of time standing and working on concrete floors, which are dense and are compacted to a degree where they are unable to flex under your body weight. The solution is to get a pair of comfortable work boots that can make your life so much easier and comfortable.

What should you look for in Comfortable Work Boots?

First things first, there are a few things that you need to identify when looking for the best work boots out there. The most important aspect to consider is your work environment. Comfortable work boots are available according to the work environment. Some of the work boots have been created specifically for construction workers while others have been created for those working in harsh weather conditions or rough terrains. Hence, it helps in first identifying what all do you need in your work boot according to the environment you work in.

Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that you need to consider while looking for the most comfortable work boots:

Construction Method

Different brand and type of work boots go through an entirely different construction process. There are mainly two types of processes and they are:

Cement construction: Work boots that are created using the cement construction process have the outsoles directly cemented to the boot upper. This basically signifies that your work boot will be highly flexible and extremely lightweight apart from the fact that it will be very comfortable. The only disadvantage in this type of construction process is durability, which means that if the cemented sole gets worn out then it will be unrepairable and you will have to replace the boots.

Goodyear welt construction: Work boots that are created using the Goodyear Welt Construction process are considered to be the most popular choice today. This is because the process involves sewing of a “welt” of leather around the bottom most edge of the work boot. The welt seam ensures the welt is attached to the insole as well as the upper part of the work boot. As a result, you will not only feel extremely comfortable but will also be able to enjoy a high degree of flexibility. This process also ensures the work boot can last much longer than other work boots. The biggest advantage this construction process has over the cement construction is that the sole can be replaced if worn out. That is quite a saver!

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How are insoles important? They are the closest you can get to experience a high level of comfort. Yes, if your work demands your spending long hours on your feet then the most comfortable work boots are the ones with the best insoles.

There is another aspect as well – the insoles are normally the first thing that bears the brunt of wear and tear and gives way. Some of the benefits of having a good insole means:

  • You can say goodbye to blisters
  • You will not go through the experience of sweaty feet
  • There will be better shock absorption and this is extremely important if you are working on concrete
  • It will help in minimizing chances of feet fatigue
  • It will cushion your feet providing it all the comfort it needs and prevent sore feet

There are basically three types if insoles that exist in the market and are meant for work boots. These include:

  1. Support insoles: As the name suggest, these insoles are made from a hard material. The main aim of this insole is to ensure you get extra stability and support and are considered to be highly comfortable work boots.
  2. Comfort insoles: As the name suggests, these insoles primarily focus on comfort. Comfort insoles are made using soft foams or gels. Although they are high on the comfort level, they are neither as durable nor do they provide enough stability as compared to the support insoles. If you work in an environment where stability is not a factor then these are the best option.
  3. Custom orthotics: These are a special type of insole that is normally recommended by medical professionals or by a podiatrist (foot doctor). In fact, these insoles are made on order and are meant for those with different types of chronic foot problems. If you suffer from fallen arches or have a flat foot then these insoles will be most comfortable for your work boot.

If you are working in a heavy duty environment then the most comfortable work boots will be the ones that have insoles, which can not only provide comfort but also act as good shock absorbers.

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