The Need for Women steel toe Work Boots

Women steel toe Work Boots

We live in a world where both men and women work in some of the toughest and roughest environments, where safety is a concern. It is such an environment where women steel toe work boots can provide the required amount of safety for your feet and also ensure a high level of comfort.

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Studies conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) have revealed that there are certain occupations where the work hazards for women are much higher. Such workplaces include construction areas, mining and caving, archaeological sites, oil rigs, electrical and mechanical units, chemical plants, farms, and other outdoor facilities among others. Many cases have been reported in the past where women have suffered injuries due to slip and falls at work. Apart from this, women have faced other mishaps and accidents during work in a hostile environment. The question is how can the accidents be minimized? There are many ways to do it but one of the starting points is to invest in good footwear.

Wondering how footwear can minimize accidents? Well! The right type of footwear can protect from:

  • Nail and other sharp objects that may pierce through the out-sole of your footwear and cause injury
  • Slipping on oil or wet or slippery surface
  • Falling in rough terrains or on uneven surfaces due to bad grip of the shoes
  • Suffering from feet fatigue caused due to high level of discomfort and long hours of standing
  • Abrasions and feet injury caused by the insole of boots
  • Electrocution and other related work injuries
  • Injury caused during bad weather due to inadequate protection

The above can happen to just about any women while working anywhere. It always pays to take necessary precaution and that is what women steel toe work boots provide.

Process of Finding the right Women Work Boots

Yes, it is not an easy process to find the right women work boots but it is definitely not an impossible task. There are certain aspects that you need to consider when searching for the one boot that has been made just for you. The important aspects to focus on include:

  • Type of work environment: It is absolutely essential to identify the hazards and risks that come with your work environment. This will help you to identify the women steel toe work boots that can help minimize the risks to a great degree. For example: military steel toe work boots can be great for working at a construction site but it might not be helpful if you are working in a wet environment or where you have to work with electricity. So, identifying the work environment and the risks will play an integral role in the choice or brand of work boots.

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  • Safety criteria: A Safety criterion is one of the important aspects to check out. Different brands and types of women steel toe work boots are available with different symbols created on the outside. Each symbol denotes the type of protection that particular boot offers. Some of the most common symbols are:
  • The Out-sole: One of the important components of any protective footwear is the out-sole. When it comes to women steel toe work boots, you need to check out the type of out-sole and whether it has a single or multiple out-sole. You need to ask a simple question – does my work boot out-sole match your working environment? There are different types of out-soles and construction that make a work boot strong and durable. The types of out-soles include:
  • TPU Out-sole: TPU stands for Thermo Polyurethane, which is the material used for constructing these type of boots. This type of out-sole makes the women steel toe work boots resistant to any type of splitting. One of the many benefits of Thermo Polyurethane out-soles is that they are highly oil, abrasion, and chemical resistant. They also lend an element of toughness to the overall design. At the same time, this tough out-sole also provides a degree of comfort because of their lightweight construction and design.
  • Rubber Out-sole: This is one of the most commonly used materials for design and construction of work boots for women. The primary function of rubber as an out-sole is to make the work boot slip, oil, and abrasion resistant. This type of out-sole is considered perfect for women working in construction and manufacturing environment. One of the finest types of rubber used for construction of the out-sole of women steel toe work boots is Vibram. This rubber out-sole is responsible for facilitating efficient performance and is normally considered as the perfect choice for work sites situated in hostile and rugged terrains. One of the salient aspects of Vibram out-sole is that it provides maximum grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

When it comes to women steel toe work boots, you can also opt for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate mid-sole (EVA) as it is a flexible, foamy and lightweight material that provides a lot of cushioning to the feet while ensuring a stable grip.

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