Do you need Insulated Work Boots?

Insulated Work Boots

Weather conditions can snatch the fun out of work! If you are working in an environment where your feet are getting frozen to the bone then what you really need is a pair of insulated work boots.

Wearing a boot that is well insulated is almost like wearing a jacket in the harsh winters to keep your body warm. The role of insulated boots is to provide warmth to your feet. The fact is that it doesn’t really matter how much warm wear you have got on your body; if your feet are feeling the cold then your body is bound to feel it too! This is where insulated work boots can be quite the perfect solution.

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This is a special type of work boot that is normally worn by those who are living in cold climatic conditions or those who have to deal with ice and snow every day. If you have to work knee deep in snow then you need the kind of insulation that will not only protect your feet but keep it warm too!

Some insulated work boots may have heavy cotton lining as well as a steel or composite toe for maximum warmth and feet protection but if it isn’t waterproof then all the protection will go to waste. Lack of waterproofing means that every time you walk through snow, the water will gradually trickle through your boot and wet your feet. That can be quite a chilling feeling!

Although most insulated work boots are waterproof but it is essential to check it once before you buy. The waterproofing in these boots will help protect your feet from rain and slush as well. One of the best insulation technology used in the modern work boots is 3M Thinsulate although different brands can have their own in-house technologies as well.

If you are planning to invest in insulated work boots then one of the important areas to focus on is the different insulation weights available for different footwear. It can be quite a confusing and difficult experience trying to determine, which insulation weight is perfect for your environment. Here are some of the common types of insulation weights that are applicable in the USA. In Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world, they might be different and hence it is important to check the same before buying.

  • 200 grams – This insulation weight is recommended for mostly cool temperatures. It is perfect for people having high activity levels in cold climate or weather
  • 400 grams – This insulation weight is perfect for moderate level of activity and cold temperatures
  • 600 grams – This insulation weight is perfect for low levels of activity and colder weather conditions
  • 800 grams – This insulation weight is perfect for low activity level and extremely cold weather
  • 1,000+ grams – This insulation weight is meant for those working in extremely cold weather conditions with very low activity.

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Understanding what 3M Thinsulate technology is all about

3MThinsulate insulation technology is used in work boots manufactured by some of the top brands including Danner, Wolverine, Bates, and LaCrosse among others. The salient highlight of this material is that it is an extremely lightweight material, which absorbs less than 1 percent of their weight in water and thus is recommended for cold and damp weather conditions. Thinsulate™ is known to be highly durable, which means it will provide long lasting protection to your feet.

Thinsulate insulation is normally used in a variety of footwear like work boots, hiking boots‚ winter boots‚ hunting boots‚ and even casual shoes. Insulated work boots with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation are available under a diverse product portfolio and offers warmth solutions for different levels of activity. The various types of 3M Thinsulate solutions available include:

Warmth Plus Technology – Platinum

It is most commonly known as the 3M™ Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation and it will provide a lot of warmth for your feet. Apart from this, it comes with some really advanced technical features like exceptional comfort, odour control, and built-in stretch and recovery functionalities.

Work boots with platinum insulation technology provide exceptional comfort and this will help you to do much more than simply work. This technology is aimed towards delivering premium comfort and extreme performance. Some of the salient aspects of insulated work boots with platinum technology include:

  • Highly effective in damp conditions
  • Hydrophobic fibres
  • Exceptional warmth

Platinum Insulation Flex

The 3MThinsulate Platinum Insulation Flex technology is another unique, elastomeric insulation technology, which will help your work boot to perform very well under some of the most extreme conditions of flexing and stretching. It has the ability to stretch along with the fabric of your apparel. It is known to stretch an astounding 40% in almost all directions and then pulls right back without any wrinkling. Some of the salient aspects of insulated work boots with flex technology include:

  • Has been purposefully designed for motion
  • Flexible warmth
  • Elastomeric fibres ensures better stretch and recovery

Platinum Insulation X-STATIC

The 3MThinsulate Platinum Insulation X-STATIC technology comes with built-in antimicrobial odour control and is considered as one of the high end active wear technologies of today. This technology combines the comfort of Thinsulate insulation along with exceptional warmth and superior odour control. This functionality is due to a layer of pure silver that has been permanently bonded to the surface. Silver has natural antimicrobial properties and this has been smartly used in creating the X-STATIC technology. Some of the salient aspects of insulated work boots with X-STATIC technology include:

  • Highly effective antimicrobial odour protection
  • Provides exceptional warmth to your feet
  • Created for delivering superior performance

Platinum Insulation FR

The 3MThinsulate Platinum Insulation FR technology has been designed specifically for people working in oil and gas environments or electrical utility. It has been created to deal with sudden or unplanned, accidental exposure to electrical arc, heat, or flames. Some of the salient aspects of insulated work boots with FR technology include:

  • High on durability
  • It consists of flame resistant fibres (it is not flame proof)
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and provides warmth

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