Caterpillar Men 2nd Shift Plain Soft Toe Boots Review

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4.5/5 on March 25, 2015

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  • Nylon mesh lining helps in wicking moisture and perspiration
  • Contoured polyurethane insoles are removable
  • Insoles help in providing cushion to your steps
  • 2-speed hook lacing system


  • It is not water proof or water resistant
  • It does not provide insulation or toe safety


The Caterpillar Men 2nd Shift Plain Soft Toe Boot is a highly durable work boot that has been made to last. It is perfect for construction workers and those working in difficult terrains but the lack of steel toe and water resistance limits its uses in other hazardous environment. Nonetheless, it is one of the best comfortable all day wear boots out there!

The second shift work boots from Caterpillar is one of the classic work boots available for men especially those working in the construction industry.


The Caterpillar men 2nd shift plain soft toe boots have been created primarily for men who have to work in varied terrains and for long hours. The boot has been painstakingly created to render it highly durable and provide it with an aura of comfort ability. Thos working in the woods or at construction sites will find the breathable upper of the work boot extremely comfortable and almost bliss!

The construction of the this work boot is near perfect thanks to the Goodyear welt construction, which gives it the ability to help you work in some of the most difficult work environments without feeling uncomfortable or loosing balance. One look at it and it will look like just any other boots but don’t be fooled by the simple exteriors – the second shift packs a real punch! It can take on all the heavy loads you throw at it and yet not wither down. It is any worker’s “go to” boots and can be worn to some of the deepest mines as well.

The second shift has an oiled full grain leather or nubuck upper to provide maximum protection to the upper part of your feet and ankle. Accidents can happen anywhere and sometimes things can even fall on your feet or pierce the under feet. This is where the strong outsole and the leather upper protect your feet so that you can work tirelessly. There are several other safety features incorporated in the simple and yet powerful Caterpillar men 2nd shift plain soft toe boots and they include:

  1. Climasphere™ Sock Liner: A patented technology that has been incorporated in the work boot to ensure your feet remain cool even when you are working in really hot or humid temperature. The sock liner also comprises of a wicking material that helps in keeping moisture away. This will enable your feet to remain warm and dry even in cooler climates.
  2. Slip Resistant Technology: Caterpillar men 2nd shift plain soft toe boots comes with patented slip resistant technology. This basically indicates that the work boots have a slip resistant sole, which will minimize the risk of hazards and falls especially in low traction surfaces.

Functional Design: The CAT second shift work boot boasts of padded collars, which are an integral part of their functional design. These collars have been provided to provide extra comfort for your ankle.

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